Thursday, July 31, 2008

Never Before Seen Videos of Cuban Healthcare on Maria Elvira Tomorrow

July 31, 2008
Babalu Blog

Via George at The Real Cuba: Tomorrow night Maria Elvira Live, Mega TV Channel 22 in South Florida and Channel 405 on Direct TV everywhere else, will feature terrible health care that regular Cubans receive.

The program will debut show many new videos taken clandestinely inside Cuban hospitals. Some of them will be included in a new documentary "Shooting Michael Moore" that is scheduled to be released in September. Cuban dissident Jaimel Hernández, who together with Dr. Darsi Ferrer was able to take these videos, will take part in the program. Hernández had to leave Cuba recently when state security went looking for him for taking these videos and threatened him with 9 years in jail.

George from the Real Cuba will also be on the show- we owe him a world of thanks for his tireless devotion to exposing the myth of the Cuban healthcare system. He is instrumental in getting these videos shown to the public.

Please make it a point to tune in to Maria Elvira tomorrow night and also, spread the word to someone you know who thinks that Cuban healthcare is so wonderful.

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