Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cuba clampdown on dissidents

Thursday 03 July 2008 20:36 UTC

In Cuba, at least eight people have been arrested in a police action carried out against dozens of opponents of the communist government. The prominent Cuban dissident, Martha Beatriz Roque, said the arrest of the eight had been confirmed but that there is no trace of many other opposition members targeted in the raids. Opposition leader Vladimiro Roca called the action "an act of repression throughout the whole country" and said it was intended to prevent a meeting banned by the government.

On 22 June, five other dissidents were also arrested. They were mistreated, then released.

Under Cuba's new president, Raúl Castro, the country has gained more freedom. Cubans may now buy computers and mobile phones, hire cars and stay overnight in hotels previously reserved for tourists. An end is also in sight to the system whereby everybody earns the same salary.

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